Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pyrolysis Equipment Services in India

Consultancy Services We offer:

1. Live Plant visit.
2. Economic indicative analysis of project.
3. Samples of finished product.
4. Market real time idea about price of end product and demand.
5. All technical / economical doubts clarification.
6. Hands on experience about working condition(pollution levels) / labor requirements/fuel requirements,etc.
7. We will guide you in procurement of the plant at best possible prices in market.
It’s a great way to minimize your risk , it's like a true preview before getting into business and a wonderful risk mitigation activity.
So that you can undertake the project with more confidence and zero risk.
Consultancy Fee:
We charge 1,00,000/- for consultation services as provided above.

Additionally we can also help you in :

1.Projects on Turn Key basis.
2.Helping in Direct procurement/Imports.
3.We are Authorized agents for selling Chinese pyrolysis
equipment in India.
4.Complete guidance with knowledge and manpower at time of Installation.
5. Training of Manpower for operation.

Amber Kedia
Mobile: 800 800 1100